What is Dubai Municipality Approval?

Dubai Municipality Approval is a required document for any construction or trade activities undertaken in Dubai. The Approval is issued by the Dubai Municipality and attests to the standards and specifications of the property.

The approval process for property construction starts with a request submitted by an authorized person on behalf of the owner to the Planning Department, which then conducts a site visit to verify compliance with all requirements and specifications as per the Building Code.

What are the requirements for Dubai Municipality Approval?

In order to open a business in Dubai, one needs to go through the Dubai Municipality approval.

The approval process can be quite lengthy and time-consuming for small and medium enterprises. The reason behind this is that the municipality has to take care of all types of businesses – from restaurants and grocery stores to transport companies and construction firms.

The good thing is that the process has become easier over the years and it does not require much paperwork or approvals from other authorities outside of Dubai Municipality.

How does the Dubai Municipality approve construction projects?

Dubai Municipality Approval is the only government body that has jurisdiction over approving construction projects in Dubai.

There are different procedures for obtaining approvals for different types of buildings. For example, the municipality provides guidance for approvals for residential buildings, hotels, malls and commercial buildings. Projects seeking approval must be registered with the municipality first before they are submitted to the Building Permits Department.

Construction projects should not be submitted to an engineering department without prior approval from the Building Permits Department.

What is the timeline for approval by the Dubai Municipality?

The timeline for approval by the Dubai Municipality is unknown.

The Dubai Municipality is the government agency in charge of approving building permits. They are also in charge of issuing them when a project has met all the requirements for issuance. The municipality’s approval process is not time-bound, which means that there is no set timeline for approval.

Who can apply for Dubai Municipality Approval?

Any person who is at least 18 years old and has a residence visa in Dubai can apply for approval from the Dubai Municipality.


18 years of age or older with a residence visa in Dubai.

No criminal record.

Healthy and sound.

Able to complete application process without assistance from a third party, unless a guardian is appointed by the applicant’s family.

What are the requirements to apply for Dubai Municipality Approval?

Dubai Municipality Approval is required for many types of business.

Here’s a list of the requirements:

  • Passport valid for at least six months from the application date.
  • Valid visa and residence permit.
  • Documents proving the applicant’s nationality and identity (depending on nationality).
  • The applicant must be over 18 years old.
  • Medical test results that show that he or she does not suffer from any contagious disease or tuberculosis.
  • No criminal record in Dubai within the last five years, as certified by a police officer in Dubai.

If I have a project to submit for approval, how much will it cost me?

The cost of a project approval depends on the size and complexity of the project. The cost for a small project with less than 50 parking spaces will be around AED 5,000 or $1,350 USD. The cost for a large project with more than two floors and up to 350 parking spaces will be around AED 12,500 or $3,800 USD.

Whatever your proposal is, it needs to be submitted to the Dubai Municipality for approval before it can move forward.

Do I need approval from other authorities or departments before applying for Dubai Municipality Approval?

The approval process for new projects in Dubai can be a long one, particularly if they require approval from other authorities or departments. But does the new project need to get approvals from all of them?

Before going ahead with your application, find out which approvals you need and how to go about getting them.

The Municipality is the only department that has a right to grant final approval on any construction, subdivision or demolition applications. This includes those that have been assigned by other authorities.