A shisha cafe is a cafe that sells shisha, or flavored tobacco. The cafes are especially popular in the Middle Eastern countries of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt. Shisha cafes are also found in other parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and North America. 

The most common form of shisha sold in these cafes is flavored molasses tobacco mixed with fruit or floral water. Shisha can be smoked in hookahs with one or multiple hoses to share with friends or in personal devices like ehookahs. Hookah pipes are used for smoking many different types of flavors with tob

What is a shisha cafe?

A shisha cafe, or hookah lounge, is a gathering place where people go to enjoy the relaxing effects of smoking flavored tobacco from a hookah. It’s like sitting in your own private hot tub for smokers. 

These cafes originated in East Africa and India where it is common to smoke shisha (hookahs) with friends and family. The trend has spread all over the world and many restaurants and bars have started offering this experience as well. 

Shisha cafes are popular among college students because they can be fun places to socialize with friends; you don’t need an ID

How To Get A Shisha Cafe License In Dubai ?

If you’re interested in starting a shisha cafe in Dubai, you’ll first need to understand the laws and regulations that apply. The UAE is very strict about public smoking, and it’s best to make sure you’ve taken all of the precautions before opening for business. 

The process of getting a shisha cafe license isn’t difficult; but it’s not as simple as just applying for one

How to apply for a Shisha Cafe License in Dubai?

Shisha cafe’s are all over Dubai and it is a great place to spend your time with friends and family. However, it might be very hard for you to get the license to open one or at least this is what we thought before we decided to write this blog post about how to apply for a shisha cafe license in Dubai.

Shisha cafe license in Dubai (General)

Shisha Cafe Dubai is a great place to enjoy the best hookah lounge. Enjoy the best shisha, drinks and food with your friends in an amazing atmosphere. 

A shisha cafe license in Dubai is a type of retail license. A shisha café permit allows the licensee to sell non-alcoholic beverages and food items (meals and snacks) and hookah tobacco products (known as ‘shisha’ or ‘ghelyoun’).

Shisha cafe license in Dubai (Restaurants and Hotels)

The shisha cafe business is a profitable industry. In the UAE, as in many other countries across the world, it’s legal to smoke shisha inside a public venue as long as food and beverages are served. 

In this article we will focus on how to open a shisha cafe business from scratch. We will start from obtaining a license for serving shisha or hookah in Dubai and then move forward into choosing a location for your café. Finally, we will discuss the costs of opening a shisha café, followed by some recommendations on hiring staff and promoting it online.

Dubai is a haven for travellers, where people can find anything they need. A good example is the shisha cafes that are available in Dubai. Shisha cafes are very popular among tourists and locals alike. There are many types of shisha cafe licenses available in Dubai, which include the normal cafe license, liquor license, hookah lounge license, nightclub license and restaurant license.

Information about Shisha Cafe License in Dubai

The Government of Dubai has recently introduced the new law for all shisha cafes in Dubai. Now, if you want to open a shisha cafe in your place then you should take the license from the government before doing anything else.

The shisha cafes in Dubai are a popular hangout for people of all age groups. As the popularity of these cafes have been increasing, many entrepreneurs have been opening these cafes to capitalize on this trend. However, due to the high number of such new ventures, the concerned authorities have decided to regulate them and impose some rules and regulations so as to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at these places.