Nakheel, the Dubai-based property developer and investment manager, has been granted approval from the Palm Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority to set up an offshore company in Jebel Ali. On 5 March 2013 Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) stated Nakheel Property Development LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nakheel PJSC and will be registered as a new company with the JAFZA registry. 

Dubai’s real estate market has been making headlines across the globe. Luxury apartments are being built, sold and bought at an alarming rate, and there seems to be no end in sight. This is good news for Dubai, however not all is rosy in the garden. The government of Dubai recently took a decision that has had many people up in arms: it announced that the company Nakheel would get approval to build 30 islands off the coast of Jumeirah.

Nakheel Approval, A New Dubai Real Estate Project For Your Home.

Nakheel is one of the biggest real estate companies in Dubai, with projects across many locations. The company has just released a new project for people looking to buy property in Dubai. It will be located on the Jumeirah Park Island, and will offer 1, 2, 3 bedroom flats for sale.

Nakheel is the real estate development company owned by the Dubai government and behind some of the most exciting projects in Dubai. Now, Nakheel has announced its latest project: The Palm Jumeirah, a new artificial island just off of Dubai’s coast. 

This announcement was big news for property investors and real estate agents alike. The price of land on the project is predicted to spike dramatically due to limited supply and high demand. Investors who buy up land now can sell it later at a huge profit, especially if they choose to hold onto it until construction starts. This creates an opportunity for savvy

What Happens When You Ask For A Nakheel Approval?

This article has provided you with everything you need to know about the Nakheel approval process. If you have any questions, they can be answered by one of our qualified consultants at [email protected] . We look forward to working with you!

It is important for you to understand that any approval you get from Nakheel is just the first step towards getting your property approved. There are many other steps in between, and depending on the type of development you’re planning, there could be several more approvals required before building can commence.

5 Incredible Facts About Nakheel That You’ll Love To Know.

Nakheel is a developer that has created some of the most iconic landmarks around the world. You may have heard of many of them or even know someone who works there, but do you really know everything about Nakheel? 

Here are five facts about this company that might surprise you!

Nakheel is a unique resort and entertainment destination in the heart of Dubai. It has been setting landmarks for years now, with high-profile projects such as Palm Jumeirah, The World, and recently the Burj Al Arab Hotel. This resort features an array of incredible facts that you may not be aware of. That’s why we’ve decided to share some of these amazing facts about Nakheel with you! So sit back, relax and enjoy these 5 Incredible Facts About Nakheel that everyone should know: 

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Our team of experts will help you step by step in the procedures of Nakheel approval. With the assistance of our company leasing a property in Nakheel has become easier like never before. Some of the documents you require for leasing approval by Nakheel are as follows:

Personal lease:

A copy of the passport with the visa page. An employment letter or work permit is also required.

A copy of Emirates ID card.


Presence of legal tenant

Company lease

A letter of confirmation

A copy of valid trade license

A copy of the passport of the occupants

Details of contact

You also require a rental cheque which must be issued by a legal tenant.

The first installment of the rent and security deposit must be paid in cash or by the manager’s cheque.

DEWA deposit should be paid beforehand.



Nakheel Community Management (NCM) is fully equipped to handle all financial aspects of communities, including budgets, service charge payments and optimising the utilisation of funds.


NCM takes on the complexities of contract management, technical inspections and facilities management, and works to maintain attractive, clean and safe communities.


NCM oversees day-to-day administration, resolution of residents’ issues, management of Owners Committee meetings, as well as regular supervision and inspection.


NCM endeavours to enhance the experience of residents, promote community spirit, actively listen to feedback and continuously improve all aspects of community living.