Following the UAE’s lead, other countries such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have also established free-trade zones (FTZ) to attract foreign investment. The UAE has set up a number of zones – Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Maritime City and Dubai International Airport – to promote trade and encourage business growth in a range of sectors.

JAFZA is the acronym for Jebel Ali Free Zone. JAFZA is one of the best free zones in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located in Al-Sharq area. The main objective of setting up JAFZA was to make an integrated free zone that would serve trade and industry in UAE. There are many rules and regulation that are mandatory for all businesses that are operating inside JAFZA or planning to operate inside this free zone.

The Complete Guide To The JAFZA Approval Process ?

JAFZA approval process contains two parts: the application form and the JAFZA inspection.

How To Get Approved For JAFZA Free Zone Certification ?

In order to get approved for JAFZA Free Zone Certification, your company should have a team of qualified staff and facilities that can provide the right services to free zone companies. If you need help, we can provide you with consulting services and support to help you successfully apply for certification and operate in the free zone.

Conclusion: As one of the leading free zone consultants in Dubai, we can assist you with obtaining JAFZA certification for your business. Contact us today to learn more about what our services entail and how they can help you in your efforts to obtain JAFZA certification.

An Insightful Guide To JAFZA Approval ?

There are many aspects to be considered when it comes to the JAFZA approval. It is necessary to go through the process of application and ensure that you have fulfilled all the requirements specified by JAFZA.

Conclusion: The JAFZA free zone is one of the largest and most influential Free Trade Zones in the world. It’s important to understand how it works, what you can do there and how to get approved to conduct business in the free zone. We hope this guide has been helpful! If you have any questions or would like help getting approved, please contact us today for a free consultation.

What are the documents required to set up a business and acquire JAFZA Approval?

Setting up a business in Dubai can be done through the free zone. The free zone system is available for investors who are interested to set up their businesses in Dubai without getting involved with any complicated matters of municipality or government related issues.

Setting up a business in UAE is quite simple and routine, but it does require the submission of several documents like the Memorandum and Articles of

Association (M&A), Trade License, Sales Tax Registration Certificate, Shooting Range License etc. for verification and approval before your business can be registered with the JAFZA authorities.

Why choose JAFZA ?

JAFZA is the biggest free zone in the world which was established in the year 1985. Because of the different policies that benefit people investing in JAFZA, more than 7000 companies are based in the area. JAFZA is uniquely designed to ensure the right environment for setting up offices, warehouses, outlets, business parks, and employee hostels. The dynamic prospect of JAFZA is what makes it all attractive for the investors. Some of the attractive policies of JAFZA are as follows:

  • JAFZA does not restrict any workers from any country.
  • JAFZA does not impose any personal income tax.
  • The use of foreign currencies from any country is allowed.
  • JAFZA does not impose any import or re-export duties.
  • Onsite customs are another specialty of JAFZA.
  • You can get rid of corporate tax for 50 years in JAFZA.             
  • Total foreign ownership is allowed in JAFZA.